5 Reasons We Don’t Travel

The other day I took a day trip to the town of Nerja.  Without knowing it, I chose to do it on my three month anniversary of living in Malaga.  It’s a city that has everything, so often I think “why leave?”  And I realize the way I feel is the way many people feel about venturing into the world.  I am a wanderluster at heart, but I can convince myself to be a homebody.  From this tiny trip, all these thoughts arose because I hadn’t left the perimeter of this city in months.  I began to have compassion for those who don’t leave and understood their world.  I know there is a sense of shame given for people who don’t travel.  But I got a glimpse of this, in what has held me back.  Here are the top 5 reasons we don’t travel. 

Why I Don’t Want To Travel

1. We don’t want to leave the comforts of our hometown.

Leaving home, regardless of how long, we leave the zone of familiarity.  We have memorized the confines of our own town, and particularly our home.  It’s cozy and familiar.  We know what we like and don’t like: the restaurants, cafes, parks, and people that frequent it.  

Resolve: The truth is when we leave what we know, we don’t know what type of experience we will have.  It seems easier to stay at home. But to overcome a sense of monotony, you must step outside your daily routines. 

2. We have to trust and depend on strangers.

When we leave our homes, it’s inevitable we must allow ourselves to trust what and who is out there in the world.  This could be anything from the bus driver, pilot, fellow passenger, hotel, tour guide and numerous other people and things along the way.  This even includes trusting the directions on our phones will get us to that final destination.  What if something goes wrong or someone takes advantage of us?  

Resolve: The truth is for you to have an adventure, whether how big or small, there must be trust.  The unknown goes with the territory.  If this is difficult for you, start with baby steps, like daytrips with public transportation.  Build up the muscles of trusting in strangers. 

3. Finances

Simply stated, we are curious how much this will all cost.  We are worried that we will go over our budget.  When we remain at home, we know how much we are spending on rent and all of the daily necessities and luxuries. When we travel, this is an additional cost that may stress us out.  

Resolve: This concern is valid.  We will spend more money, but somehow we can budget those travel costs into our lives.  We can start travel budgets, a weekly or monthly percentage that is set aside for adventures. 

4. We don’t want to disappoint those we love

People and our animals depend on us.  If we leave them, how will they function?  They will and can survive.  we allow ourselves to reflect on this, the bigger source of our misery is the guilt we carry from being away from them.  What if something happens when we are gone?  We could never forgive ourselves for that.  Others can assist temporarily in caring for them, or bring them with you.  If

Resolve:  Imagine you never go anywhere, while someone is relying on you.  This could be a pet, child, parent, or clients.  If we choose to stay at home for years, there may be a sense of blame we begin to carry for placing our lives on hold.   We may feel sacrifices are made, by someone who never asked this of you.  Take the chance and venture out.  

5. We wonder if it’s worth it

     Things are easier when we remain at home.  We know what to expect.  Work, eat, binge on Netflix, interact with the same people. Repeat.  Will the money we spend,  stress of dealing with crowds and transportation, time off from work and everyday amenities be worth it?  The truth is we don’t know.  

Resolve: Experiences are priceless.   Yes, I am aware this sounds like a commercial. But how do you quantify a new memory or experience? How do you place value of a new way of seeing the world or witnessing another facet of the natural landscape this earth has offered to you? 

Travel as Pilgrimage

For some of you this list may totally resonate as to why travelling isn’t important to you.  For further reading to understand why people don’t travel check out https://www.insider.com/why-i-dont-like-to-travel-2017-11.  But for me, yesterday served as a reminder, that any trip we take (regardless of the size) has the potential to be a pilgrimage.  It has the power to change us in various degrees.

I am also aware there is a balance to this all. We can’t be perpetual wanderlusters who always leave, and never return home.  For that is part of the journey, to return home and share your story with those you have left.  Let the contagion of inspiration be passed on. 

For more on having a mindful staycation, check out this post https://amodernpilgrimage.com/how-to-live-life-like-a-tourist/ .

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” –Saint Augustine

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