Living in Touristy Places

Pros and Cons of Living in a Tourist Town

There are many reasons some people are living in touristy places.  The energy and beauty of a location may draw us in.  After having visited in the past, we may have vowed that we would live in this city one day.  Oftentimes, there is great transportation infrastructure that exists there, wonderful cuisine, and it may be a walkable town.  If you are an American like me and speak minimal languages, these locations may cater to the tourists and speak English more readily.  Cons include high cost of living, watered down versions of the city, traffic, crowds, and the tourists.  Although you may have once been a tourist in this town prior to moving, tourists and large groups may be difficult to navigate on a daily basis.

Although I don’t view myself as someone who needs to live in a big city, for some reason my body gravitates towards these hot spots.  I was raised in small town Ohio, but after that many of the places I have lived in were places people yearned to travel to.  I called Waikiki my home and lived across from the Hilton and the Pacific Ocean.  When I lived in NYC, the closest subway stop on the NQRW lines for me was Times Square.  

During part of my graduate school years, I lived in Hollywood, specifically West Hollywood, just off the Sunset Strip.  During several years I lived in Cambridge, just outside of the train stop that led you directly to London King’s Cross Station.  Last year I lived in Paris, two blocks from the Eiffel Tower and this year I am in the historical center of Malaga.  Here are 5 tips for living in touristy places.

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” – GK Chesterton

Tips for Living Touristy Places

  1. Avoid going out on the weekends.  The weekends are a time, when all the residents of nearby towns and tourists come to party their days away.  It can be chaotic.  Where I live in Malaga, people party until 7:00 am all year round.  For me, I am on a different internal clock.  Weekends are the time, I want to get cozy in my home, avoid the frenzy of the crowds, or to have a simple coffee with a friend.
  2.  Go to the tourist spots early in the day.  If part of what pulled you to the area was the hot destination, get there early.  When I lived in Paris, I went to the Eiffel Tower nearly daily at one point.  I would see other dog owners and their pets at the same time every morning.  In a big city, there was something comforting about being around familiar faces.  It felt as if a community was formed, before the tourist buses came and people pulled out their selfie sticks. 
  3. Space out your visitors.  Because you live in a city where there is high demand, the amount of friends and/or family who may visit you may be excessive.  This can be wonderful, if you have strong connections with them.  Or you may find people reach out to you wanting to crash on a couch, who you haven’t talked with in years.  Know what your limits and boundaries are, and filter out when people visit.  You need time to decompress. 

Energetic Tips

  1. Create an energetic bubble of protection around you daily.  In the spiritual world, this is talked of as a daily ritual regardless of where you live.  Visualize a bubble of protective light that surrounds and envelops you.  This takes one minute or less.  Do this in the beginning of the day, as a way to create energetic boundaries to steer away excess energy.  
  2. Start your day with a centering practice or meditation.  Due to the fact that you will be surrounded by chatty individuals and groups, excess noise, and energy, it’s vital you are grounded.  Do this in the morning, before the rest of the day tries to pull you.  This could be a five minute breathing practice, reading something inspiration or spiritual, journaling, gratitude practice, chanting, or yoga.  Allow yourself to feel stable and centered in your body and mind.  You can even set an intention for the day, such as “may I feel grounded” or “may I be energized.”  Choose an emotion or state you want to embody, and breathe that in. Now you are ready to take on the day.

Living in a Tourist Destination

It’s a blessing to live in a city or town that people pilgrimage to, but you must know how to deal with the energy of the crowds and tourists.  Heed these tips for living in touristy places, and please feel free to share more in the comments below. You may find my previous blog post on most overrated pilgrimages here

While writing this blog post, I found a piece about the pros and cons of living in touristy places, check it out

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