My First Sound Healing Journey

Several years ago, I had my first sound healing journey.  I chose to do it on a holiday weekend.  Instead of going away for vacation, I decided for a different type of getaway.  I chose an internal one.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was up for it.  As a yogini and curious wanderluster, oftentimes I find myself in surreal experiences.  

This was a monthly reiki gong bath.  I had previously received reiki treatment, which is energetic healing on our chakra systems.  I’ve done tai chi, qui gong, acupuncture, yin yoga and numerous other avenues to shift my chi.   Chi is our known as life force energy, also known as prone in the yogic world.  This evening’s event was to do the same.  It was a group setting in a room with a massive gong behind us, with mats on the floor as we entered the room.   I spotted the regulars, who were prepared. They brought not only pillows, but a proper duvet for this experience.  

Sound Bath 101

The instructor warned us that the sound would have a healing impact.  Emotions or old memories could arise.  If they did, we were to “not think about them too deeply, but let them pass.”  Old wounds and pains could heal.  She let us know that we would either love it or hate it.  When an attendee next to me asked if there would be movement, the instructor informed us there would not be.  She had no blanket or pillows, as she thought it was a yoga class.  We were in a yoga center.  The only thing that would be moving is our chi.  

Another individual wanted to know what would be the best area of the room for the night.  The teacher answered by saying all places in the room would receive the sound. The experience would be what it’s meant to be.  “Choose a spot that calls out to you tonight.”  

I wondered what was I in for? 

This is an example of the size of the gongs used in some gong baths.

Healing Sound Bath

As my eyes closed at my first sound healing journey, we were led through a brief body scan relaxation.  Then a gentle etheric sound arose.  I misled myself. Since it was a gong bath, I thought it would be the only instrument that would be played that night. But the first instrument was a wind chime. The teacher travelled with the chime over our bodies individually, as she walked around the room.  I understood why this was a sound bath. Our bodies were being bathed with sound.  I couldn’t help but compare this experience to an ayahuasca experience .  Both involved people laying on mats, music playing, and were meant to be healing to our systems.  Yet for this we were solely ingesting sounds, and not substances.  

And then the gongs began.  It was very Disney Fastasia like.  The sounds from the gong appeared to be an ominous entity approaching, but they were not all consuming.  Other instruments were played. It was not just the gong.  We were in the audience of a musical performance. But this one you experienced lying down, eyes closed, in an altered state of consciousness.  A concert for our energetic senses.

I drifted in and out of sleep, as this is what my body needed. 

 But near the end of the evening, one thought arose.  

“I am a performer.”

Sound Bath Reflections

Let me give this context.  Prior to the gong bath, I had spent the day reading, reflecting, and writing about my life’s purpose, regrets, and how I want to pivot my life.  I journaled about how we are pivoted to live up to the standards of an American dream, and queried what life would be like if we stopped trying to push agenda on our youth and allowed them to express and live into their authenticity.  As I wrote that, nothing sprung up for me.  I was unaware of who I was at my core, as I had lived up to the expectations of my family and society. 

But in my first sound healing journey, I realized I am a performer.

Multiple memories, connections, and synchronicities internally arose.

Sound Journey Meditation

Reflections that involved me being a performer began to take turns in my appearing in my consciousness.  Below are many of the memories that arose at the sound bath. I wanted to share the totality of what could arise at a first experience.

One of my earliest memories arose when I was four.  I wished upon a star to be a ballerina.  I never took ballet classes in my life, but in my youth I wanted to be a dancer.  Another memory came up from when I was in fourth grade. I auditioned for the choir and made it, but then my family moved and I had to change schools. 

 Then more memories arose. In junior high, I vowed to be on the Mickey Mouse Club.  My parents got the Disney channel, just for me to watch this show.  I never auditioned, but instead I choreographed dances for my siblings and cousins to perform at family reunions.  In high school, my friends and I created dances to perform in the school gymnasium.  And then when I got my driver’s license, my creativity stopped, for years.  I became busy and self-conscious.  I knew I should aim to deepen studies, fill my extra curriculars to brag about in my college essays,  go to college, and attain a proper job. 

Insights From Sound Bath

 My heart still had a longing to be a performer, and therefore connected strongly with creatives, whether these were my friends or crushes.  Over the years, I have met some of most favorite creative celebrities.  Then my 8th grade dream coming true at the age of 25, sitting with the mousketeers in a vip table at a concert.  The vip table next to me even included former mousketeer Justin Timberlake. All of these images arose in my head during the sound bath.  

I also realized that recently I was allowing that internal performer to reveal herself, but in different ways.  Becoming a yoga instructor has allowed the performer to peak through.  Facilitating retreats, workshops, and classes were all variations of being a performer.  In addition, I had been in two dance performances post the age of 40, and even taught belly dance classes.  I had an understanding that my current job had allowed the opportunity for me to remove the performance anxiety I had developed over the years.  The job served as a cacoon for the performer in me to be molded, shaped, and transformed into a new version of my purpose, which I would have never imagined.  

Sound Bath Experience

Slowly the music faded. We awakened to return from whatever place we were led.  The ceremony ended. As we sat up, the facilitator offered pieces of chocolate to ground us. Where had I gone?  What had arisen? 

That gong bath fascinated me about my first sound healing journey, and I chose to deepen my knowledge in this field.  Later that summer, I took courses and a certification process that eventually led me to become a sound healer.  I wanted to assist others in experiencing what I did that night.  In a group setting, with the assistance of sound, I was led to answers and memories that may have not arisen through simply reflecting.  There is so much about sound healing I still do not understand, but I am deeply fascinated by.  

For a great resource on sound healings, check out this site

My next virtual sound healing event details can be found here

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