Spring Equinox Rituals To Do

We have approached the Spring Equinox, and I have come to appreciate and acknowledge these markings of time.  Perhaps I was influenced by all the years I lived in the United Kingdom, and saw the pull that Stonehenge and Glastonbury had during these pagan times of year.  There’s a beauty to note these passages of time in community.  Are you curious of spring equinox rituals to do?

I facilitated a sound healing session the other day with this theme, and in preparing for it explored ways to welcome the spring in.  Oftentimes in yoga class, I would incorporate the changes in season into themes throughout the year.  One great resource which has inspired this blog is found on this link https://youtu.be/Sg-NrlLEGRs .  Author and manifestation expert Emma Mumford discussed several different spring equinox rituals to do.

1.Intention Setting 

This is a great time to take stock of where you are in regards to your New Year’s goals.  The first quarter is up, how has it gone?  How do you want the next aspect of your life to go? As we enter the Spring, it’s actually the time the astrological calendar begins. 

In yoga, when we set an intention, it’s called a sankalpa.  Often we set a sankalpa in the beginning of every class, and for the start of this season what is your sankalpa? 

2. Spring Cleaning

We all know that people tend to engage in this task of cleansing during this time of year.  It’s the concept of decluttering.  Decluttering is more than just one’s wardrobe and belongings.  We can tidy up our cell phones, emotions, toxic people in our lives.  Explore all the areas in your life you have excess of.  Trim it down.  

In yoga, there is a concept called Aparigraha, which is a sense of non-grasping or non-greed.  If we hold on to an excessive amount of things, there is no space to allow anything else to enter in.  What are you willing to let go of to create space for something new? 

3.Try Something New

The Spring Equinox is a time for new beginnings, and what can you incorporate new into your life?  There is a freshness to spring, and attempting anything new is a way to break the monotony. It keeps the brain and our lives fresh.  What may this be for you? 

In the yogic world, we are often reminded that every day and every class is different.  How our bodies performed last week will be different from next week and today.  It’s important to query into your body in the moment, what is going on.  Don’t let limitations keep you from doing a pose a particular way, allow your body to have a new experience. What will be new for you in this season? 

4.Be In Nature

The weather improves during this time of year.  Allow yourself to get outside and appreciate it.  Take a mindful walk to note what is starting to bloom and blossom.  Notice what appears different in your surroundings and the little shifts being made in your environment, even if you live in a town where there is sun all year. 

Yoga means to yoke and bind. Yoga integrates the elements of nature and all of it’s beings.  We have the moon salutations and sun salutations, and numerous other poses named after animals.  The Ayurvedic principles vary within each of us and during the shift in seasons.  In what ways can you allow nature to be part of your life at this time? 

5.Set up an altar

Perhaps you already have an existing altar at home, or maybe this is a new concept for you.  For the Spring Equinox, you can choose to place your intention you had set (in step 1) on the altar.  Additionally, you can place images of springtime that call to you or colors that remind you of spring.  In some traditions, people welcome in the equinox with bonfires.  This may not be available to all of us at the moment, but you can place a candle on your altar to light up, as you think of your intention.

In some yoga studios (that are outside of gyms), people may have altars near the front of the room.  Teachers may light candles, have an image of their guru, mala/prayer beads, incense, and perhaps a tiny statue of a Hindu deity.   Altars set the sacredness of the space, but your altar does not have to be religious.  What works for you?

Spring Equinox Celebration

We have explored some simple spring equinox rituals to do.  It’s important to slow down and observe the changes that occur within our bodies, but also within our environment and the world.  We lead fast paced lives. We focus on the next thing. This could be the next task at hand or aspirational mountain to climb.  Yet, it’s important to notice and welcome in all that is happening right now.  These steps do not take much, and perhaps you already engage in them.  But opt this spring equinox to do these with intention, and see what arises.  Although we are aware there is beauty and power of doing these rituals in community, you can also do them in the privacy of your home.  Know that many around the world are collectively engaging a similar practice at this time.

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