Tips Post Sound Healing

Yes, you finally did it, you completed a sound bath.  It may have met your expectations of relaxation.  But now what? This post will look at tips post sound healing.   If you want to read more about preparations for a sound bath check out this link:

After A Sound Bath

We live during such busy times.  Time is carved out to attend a sound bath.  We think that going to a sound bath only occurs during the moments we are in the room with the group.  Dependent on the hour of day the sound bath occurred, we may have had to rush towards another activity after we left the space.  But to really note the impact of a sound bath, we need to allow it to sit within and notice what is arising.  The truth is the effects last for hours, days, or perhaps weeks after.  What should we look out for?   Let’s explore tips post sound healing.

What To Expect After A Sound Healing 

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

We are aware that much of our body is composed of water.  In addition, during a sound healing session (and most other alternative forms of healing), stuck energy is moved around various parts of our body (chi/prana/life force energy).  To assist the process of releasing the toxins, we must drink plenty of water.   Replenish ourselves and our cells. For this process to occur we need water, and loads of it.  To dig further about this aspect, check out this blog post .

2. Take it Easy 

After a sound bath, we may feel a little spacy or lightheaded.  In some sound baths, facilitators will offer chocolate, nuts, or some type of snack to help ground you.  Due to the fact that many people can go to a deep place energetically, it can take time to bring them back to the room. One shouldn’t leave a session and drive a vehicle while still feeling spacy.  Take time and ground yourself, then proceed.  This varies for each person, but give yourself the opportunity to welcome yourself to the now slowly. 

3. Dreams, Memories, and Synchronicities

See what arises in regards to your dreams and synchronicities.  For the next several days and weeks, note what themes come up.  Maybe you are one who already remembers your dreams or “random” events that occur.  For me during some of the sound healings I have attended, I had memories from childhood arise and remained in me for several days.  The necessary thing is to write them down. Once you do that, you can start to see the potential domino effect of the sound bath.  

4. Emotions

Have there been changes in your mood or emotions?  Because sound healing works on moving around stuck energy, we may have a variety of emotions that could arise dependent on what was stuck.  This could be laughter, joy, sadness, anger, or numerous others.  Let these emotions come up and move through you.  You don’t have to reside in them, let the emotions be what they are energy in motion.  

5. Physical Sensations

Much of what I had written about in regards to emotions in the paragraph above can be applicable for physical sensations.  Hopefully you noted how your body felt prior to the sound bath, but how did it feel after?  During the session, energy releases may have occured in the body.  This could be in the form of twitches, coughs, sniffles, laughter, tension, relaxation, feelings of warmth or coolness.  Your body may have been tense before and then feels relaxed for hours afterwards.  Note the impact for you this time. 

6. Bring Sound Home 

Oftentimes after people have attended a sound bath, they are curious about purchasing their own instruments.  If you are curious, why not?  Buy a Tibetan bowl, frame drum, or wind chimes.  Notice how it impacts you.  Don’t just have these instruments as decoration, but use them.  If you don’t feel like purchasing this, try chanting.  There are Sanskrit mantras you can chant, religious songs you can sing, chant the bija mantras, or even simply sound out the vowels.  We have an internal instrument, that many of us are hesitant to use.  But our voice is powerful.  If you are curious of exploring the Bija Mantras (mantras for the chakras), check out this video .

7. Keep Going to Sound Baths

Hopefully your first sound bath will not be your last.  Know that every facilitator is different.  The instruments that are used vary.  Spaces have different vibes.  Themes for each event may change, and in addition the attendees who were there with you also impact your experience.  It’s an individual and collective experience simultaneously.  Our energies impact each other.  Attend sound baths on a frequent basis, it’s a healthy form of energetic release.

We all experiences sound healings in a unique manner.  It’s important to note that each time we attend a sound healing event, we may have totally different sensations that bubble up.  What may arise in a 1:1 sound healing is different than those you may have in a group setting.  If you have attended a sound bath recently, I hope you found these tips post sound healing helpful.  Please feel free to share your experiences of what may be beneficial for others to note. 

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