Top 10 Preparations for a Sound Bath

For those who are going to a sound healing for the first time, you may not know what to expect.  We may have attended them virtually, or see they are hosted frequently in yoga studios.  But what do you bring and what do you need to know?  Below are the top 10 preparations for a sound bath. 

  1. Bring all the comforts of your bed.  You want to get cozy during a sound bath, because the temperature drops when you are laying on the ground for an hour (or more).  This includes blankets, pillows, and warm clothes.  The studio or center you are going to may have some of these accessories, but it may not be enough for all of the participants.  You want to be comfortable, as you will just be on a yoga mat.  Think of what will bring you the most comfort. 
  2.  We are busy human beings, and when you finally get a moment to lay down, your body may long for a nap.  You may fall asleep during your first sound bath, and if you snore, the facilitator may nudge you to lessen the impact of others in the room. 
  3. In comparison to this, not all sound healings are relaxing (check out ).  Some people expect that sound baths are all zen, but it can bring up other emotions for you.  Ask yourself if you are prepared for this.
  4. Be mindful of wearing strong perfumes or other scented lotions, which may impact others’ experience around you.  Although we want to get the most of this sound bath, your fellow participants would like the same.   
  5.  For those of you who never like to talk in groups, this can be part of the experience.  This can create a sense of connection within the group, even if you all are strangers.  You may find there are similiarities in what the collective experienced, when sharing and listening to others speak.
  6. Each sound bath may be different dependent on the instructor and those who are in the room with you at that time.  Sessions vary in regards to instruments used.
  7. Explore the certification background of the sound healer that is facilitating.  Some people may buy instruments and call themselves a sound healer, but there is a learning process to this journey.  For example my level two program was one year long, that included at least ten sessions, ten page write ups, and coaching sessions. You want to ensure that the sound healer knows how to hold space in this environment. 
  8. Sound healings work on releasing stuck energy.   You may experience releasing of energy in lots of different ways: sneezes, coughs, twitching, fidgets, changes in physical sensations, emotions.  Some people compare going to a sound bath as one would attending a reiki healing.
  9. Drink loads of water afterwards.  Your body needs to release stuck energy.
  10. Not everything is explainable.  We may want to know the science behind why all of these emotions, energetic shifts, or body twitches occur.  There is research validated on the effectiveness of sound healing sessions (see below). But also some of it is inexplicable.  Allow yourself to sit and be mesmerized by the wonder of sound. 

We explored the Top 10 Preparations for a Sound Bath. Please feel free to comment on anything else you feel would be helpful for others to be aware of for their first. For further reading, check out various research links on the effectiveness of sound or my first experience in sound healing as a participant

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