Top 10 Sound Bath Experiences

After leading sound baths in four different countries, I’ve learned that each sound bath is unique.  All is dependent on the sound healer, the people that are present, collective energies, intentions, atmosphere, and the instruments used.  Even though each is special, there are overall commonalities to expect.  I’ve created a list of the top 10 sound bath experiences. 

Top 10 Sound Bath Experiences


  1. Relaxation, Sleep, and Snoring. Oftentimes this is people’s first experience with sound healing.  It is inevitable that sleep deprived people drift to sleep.  Those who do not have a meditation practice are generally not be used to lying down and not sleeping.  Our bodies are so exhausted, that when it has an opportunity to relax, it takes it.  Therefore this process can happen of relaxation, sleep, and snore.  All is welcome, although the facilitator may gently tap you to quiet down the snores.  
  2. Physical Release. Another experience people often have are physical releases.  If we aren’t paying attention, we may not notice this occurrence.  It can come in the form of cough,  sneeze, changes in temperature, or an urge to go to the bathroom.   Some people find themselves crying or having a sudden urge to laugh.   For those who are experienced in somatic release, some people may have more exacerbated sensations or movements that occur.  In addition, old pain sensations may arise and move around the body.  Note what’s going on and allow the release. 
  3. Subtle Physical Release. Other physical releases are more subtle.  This can come from a twitching of muscles, a yawn, or an adjustment your body needs to make.   Be discerning of what is arising during the process. 
  4. Alleviate Physical Symptoms and Pain. Over the years, I have noted that people have verbalized improvement in their current health status. This could be anything from a cold that went away or symptoms of constant back pain was alleviated for the day.  Tension in an area that one had surgery in during the past year was released.  For other individuals, it may bring about the increase of an old injury, which may be noting to you that it needs extra care to be healed. 


5. Auric Shifts. I’ve had many people compare sound healing to reiki, which is an energy healing technique.  They’ve felt movement in their chakras.  Stuck energy is released.  To find out more about reiki and it’s benefits, check this site

6. Sense of Safety, Security, and Comfort. One of my top priorities in sound healing sessions is to create a sense of safety and security.  This is important because in every session, I ask participants to share before and after the session in a group.   I assist in creating a safe container, and therefore many verbalized feeling safe in the room.  Also people have expressed feeling comfort.  When else do people play instruments over your body or sing to you?  In the womb or in the cradle?  We all want to feel safe, secure, and comfort.


7. Memories arise. The first time I went to a group sound bath, this was my primary experience.  Memories from childhood arose during much of the session.  For me, I noted the sounds particularly from the windchimes brought about a childlike quality that may have triggered those memories.  Other participants I have worked with have noted the same.  As we realize this during the session, try to recall the dreams that arise during the upcoming days and weeks.  Are they related to this memory, time period, or other memories arising? 

8. Visualizations. The type of visualization people have can vary.  Some have noted seeing sounds as colors.  Others have noted parallel visualizations of what arises when they usually go into deep visualization.  I’ve had one particular person have an entire movie scene she created arise during this experience.

9. Astral Projection and Past Lives. This variation is a specific form of visualization that arises.  Some people astrally project to another place and time.  Some individuals have also shared having a memory of a past life arise during a sound bath.  Oftentimes, this is dependent on how deeply one already travels in their meditations.  


10.Collective Experience. Each sound bath is different, and it is a collective experience.  I have heard before from participants that they all may have been feeling the same when they entered and similar upon leaving.  For example they may have felt rushed and now feel peaceful.  At other times, intentions may have been similar.  But what I found most interesting once is the group I was working with collectively visualized a light turning off in the room, when I played the gong loudly. Our energies often impact each other, but it was fascinating to see they had the same experience with their eyes closed. 

It’s rare I’ve heard “nothing” happened during an experience.  At the bare minimum, one feels relaxed.  Once in awhile people may have ruminating thoughts, but sound healing can help act as an assistant for something to focus on versus one’s thoughts. It’s a gateway to meditation.  This overall has been what I have heard in my classes of the top 10 sound bath experiences.  Please share yours below.

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“The medicine of the future will be music and sound.” – Edgar Cayce

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