Hello fellow wanderluster. Thank you in advance for visiting my blog. Who am I? My name is Tricia Wolanin and I’m a seeker, in all types of ways. I’m an American expat living overseas, have travelled to fifty countries, and am fascinated by the art of pilgrimage. When we go to places where people are “different” than us, we find commonalities and universality. There are numerous ways to travel in the modern world, which involves more than checking off items on a bucket list or even leaving one’s country. This blog explores the variety of ways we can pilgrimage. This includes intentional travel (religious/spiritual, natural wonders, and bespoke), inner journeys (yoga/meditation, sound healing, psychological reflections), and creativity (art/music/books).

This blog is a work of love, that interweaves my educational and professional background, in addition to my current passions. I have my doctorate in clinical psychology and have worked with diverse populations around the world. I am an author, yoga instructor, sound healer, creativity coach, mindfulness teacher, speaker, labyrinth workshop facilitator, and belly dance instructor. As you can tell from my background, I am also a seeker of knowledge (and attaining certificates).

I hope this blog serves as an inspirational tool for your next pilgrimage.